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The agency is the first and only company in Turkey which explores young people’s talents in special, provides the necessary substructure, prepares the education and motivation program, and plans the talent management and their careers for them to develop themselves in their fields.

The agency with its experienced team enables the performers in its staff to work with the right firms at the right times in the fields of cinema movies, TV movies, TV series, advertisement campaigns, advertisement films, promotion and presentation areas, guides and informs them in both legal and financial fields during the performers’ careers and follows up with expert teams. With the help of Sait Sökmen, the other founding member of the company, the company provides choreography, stage, and arts management services in organizations such as fashion shows, dance shows, and promotions. The powerful staff of the agency and their cooperation enables the implementation of the whole organization including the aforesaid works.

In addition to the press consultancy services it gives to all these organizations, the PR department of the agency provides media relations management, strategic communications consultancy, and prestige management services to all the performers in its agency staff.